HS1100 and HS1150 Hi-Speed bases with Auto2Speed

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Hinowa is glad to present the HS1100 and HS1150 Hi-Speed bases, hydraulic, fast and multi kit minidumpers.

After the success of HS1100 and HS1150 minidumpers Hinowa introduces on the market the new Hi-Speed versions.

The new minidumpers are equipped with a totally hydraulic system, with double displacement reduction gear drives and have the Hinowa Auto2Speed system, they are able to reach a speed of 6 km/h against the current 4 km/h of the HS1100 and HS1150 standard version. The new system automatically accelerates and decelerates depending on the weight loaded on the machine and the inclination of the ground, giving more power on slopes, controlling the translation on descents and granting the max speed of 6 km/h on flat lands.

The interchangeability of the attachments is granted and compatible with the all the current series of HS1100-1150 minidumpers, the auxiliary hydraulic quick couplings, placed sideways the HS bases, grant the max flexibility and quickness in the attachment changes.

The new HS1100 and HS1150 Hi-Speed bases are available from April with our distribution network and can be ordered from now.

Speed up your works with the new HS1100 and HS1150 Hi-Speed!