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Tracked Forklift TP1600 Green Mammoth
The tracked forklift PT1600 is equipped with the hydraulic widening of the undercarriage which is essential on uneven grounds.
Tracked forklift TP1800 Green Mammoth
Snow, grass, mud, on slopes and downhill you can carry cases and pallets up to 1,8 tons !
Tracked forklift TP2000 Green Mammoth
On sand, gravel, snowgrass, mud.
On slopes and downhill you can carry cases and pallet up to 2 tonsweight 845 kg 2 translation speedsand reverse gear .
Pole, Pile and Pipe Holder kit TP1800 and TP200
The Hinowa tracked forklift is in itself a revolutionary system which changes the system of transport of boxes and pallets used in building sites, commerce and agriculture.
Demolition dust suppression for tracked forklifts
Crane kit
Pole holder-pillars kit
Levelling blade kit
Spool kit
Light Tower Kit